Your Business: Growing Healthy Using Automation

Your Business: Growing Healthy Using Automation

Automation is a company's healthy eating & exercise

Automation is a company's healthy eating & exercise

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Becoming Human Again

RPA enables employees to find their human side again.

Implement automation using Bots to do the mundane, repetitive, robotic work that is done by employees today.

Adding RPA is the logical choice for a reliable addition to your I.T. arsenal to enable integration between multiple systems.

MPA - Mobile Process Automation

One platform for all your mobile automation

Business process has often started on paper and eventually makes its way to core systems.  

RAMP – Rapid Application Mobility Platform enables core business processes to be accessed beyond the systems that house that data. 

Mobile Applications for all parts of your business on one platform.

automation combined

Combining Custom Automation Service, Mobile Data Capture and Robotic Process Automation allows our customers to develop momentum in their automation strategy.  Existing line of business systems can be utilized and enhanced by developing systematic process to gather, aggregate, enter and utilize data throughout the business.

How can your business benefit using Automation

Gather Required Data
Guarantee that you get the information you need in each process.  Ensuring the right access to the right data such as GPS data from field services, dynamic data on inspection applications, or date / time stamp for signatures, pictures or video documentation or scan barcode for database access. This provides data validation at each point in your business process.
Enhance Speed
Gathering and entering data into multiple screens. Extracting process information, navigating to other systems, while validating and alerting the needful. All 30 to 90% faster.
Increased Productivity
Greater productivity from automation comes from access to information at the right time. Field based access to customer data or intelligent information accessed from multiple sources and entered into your knowledge base or line of business systems. Whatever the challenge, automation is the answer to enhancing your employees productivity and company results.
Guarantee Accuracy
Line of business systems have plenty of checks for entering data, however information that is being manually keyed in from other sources will always generate some degree of errors. Eliminate those errors through RPA automation and in-line data validation to guarantee the accuracy of your information.
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